Terms & Conditions of Our Parts Warranty

At Clutch and Grab Transmission, serving customers throughout Edmonton and the surrounding areas, we are confident in the work that we do, which is why we stand behind it with our warranty. You can familiarize yourself with our warranty policy below. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

Types and Terms
Warranties fall into the following types and terms:


Passenger cars, automatic

Light trucks, automatic

Commercial vehicles

Differentials, transfer cases and standard transmissions


12 months, 25,000 km

12 months, 25,000 km

12 months, 10,000 km

6 months, 10,000 km

Old parts will be discarded unless specified otherwise. Please note that the warranty extends solely to the customer named on the invoice, and that warranties are non-transferable. To be under warranty, the work must be performed by Clutch and Grab Transmission. If tires are removed, it will be the customer's responsibility to retorque the wheel nuts after the 50 km mark.

Not Covered

The warranty does no cover:

  • Charges for towing
  • Improperly performed installation
  • Abuse charges from another garage
  • Loss of use
  • Loss of earnings
  • Casualty loss
  • Per diem expenses
  • Car rental expenses

General Conditions

The general conditions of this warranty include:

  • Clutch and Grab Transmission must perform the inspection and replacement of defective units
  • If units are dismantled in any way, the warranty is voided
  • Standard equipment that undergoes modification or special customer requests to change O.E.M. specifications are not held under warranty
  • Original expiration terms of warranty are not extended by repair or replacement of unit
  • If factory approved fluid has not been used, warranty will not be considered valid
  • There is no warranty on electrical components

Specific Conditions

Specific conditions of this warranty are as follows:

  • Transmissions
    • Every unit must be purchased complete with a torque converter
      • Transmission must be checked within 15 days of the date of delivery for oil leaks, leaks and shift patterns. We will provide this service free of charge.
      • A proper transmission cooler must be correctly installed if the vehicle is used for towing purposes
  • Differentials
    • The manufacturers recommended break-in period must be followed while breaking in new gear sets
  • Drivelines
    • Repairs to the driveline are covered by warranty as stated above when repaired to O.E.M. specification and used in O.E.M. applications
    • Drivelines must be maintained at the recommended lube intervals, and are to be prelubricated for installation. The warranty does not cover failure due to a lack of lubrication
  • Customer Installed Units
    • If a customer installs a transmission on their own, Clutch and Grab Transmission must inspect it immediately after installation (at no charge) to validate the warranty
    • No labour allowance is given on installation performed by customers
    • The warranty does not cover seal leaks due to neglect or an improper installation
    • Improper installation or neglect that leads to burned out units are not covered by warranty
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